Residential Design

To achieve differentiation and provide a simple, easy to understand service to the home owner Designer Homes Qld has broken the process into 3 simple steps – Finance, Design and Construct. By keeping all of these elements in one area we are able to answer all of your questions saving you time and money.


  • Site Review. At this stage we take account any of your specific construction needs, and anything unique to your location such as access arrangements and council. We will meet you on your block of land to discuss the optimal placement of your home, listen to your requirements with particular consideration to views and orientation.
  • Twenty-five years of building homes has taught us to take advantage of natural light and warmth to create efficient and friendly spaces to live in.
  • We can look at what options you have and help you list your “Must Haves “for your initial design and then help you list your “Wish List” this offers a blend of liveability and affordability and a dash of luxury.
  • We will include your ideas with ours and discuss them with you to ensure they are compatible & make any changes before we start the final design process.


  • Designer Homes Qld are experienced housing professionals. Both of the Company Directors are licenced Builders. Every customer will have one of the Company Directors as their own project manager giving you peace of mind during the construction phase


  • We can help you work out what sort of budget you have, what guides it and how this might affect your design. Design to a budget not budget to a design
  • Our finance brokers have the ability to offer you a comprehensive mortgage broking service. The advantage of this is you have more home loan options and can compare home loans from different lenders at the same time